Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barbecue Sauce Review - Buster's BBQ & Brew

BBQ Background (Val):
The first 21 years of my life, I would not eat BBQ. Growing up, I didn't like the taste of any BBQ sauce. When forced to eat BBQ, I would request mine dry. I also wasn't a big fan of pork, in general, and would usually opt for chicken or beef when given a choice of a meat dish.

I have always experienced strong food cravings, and my desire for BBQ fittingly came from one of these cravings. For some unexplained reason, I woke up one day my junior year of college (2004) and had a strong desire for a BBQ pork sandwich. Being that I didn't overly care for pork, and pretty much despised BBQ sauce, this was quite strange. But I gave in to my craving, and haven't been able to stop eating BBQ since!

I wasn't really even aware of any BBQ restaurants in Lincoln, NE, but was determined to find myself a delicious pulled pork sandwich. The only place I could think of was a BBQ restaurant/pizza joint where I had played a small Christmas gig (you can listen to some of our Chrsitmas songs here) the year before. I called up my best friend (now husband!) Dave and suggested a meal of BBQ pulled pork at Buster's.

This was our first experience of a growing love for everything BBQ. We thought the food was great, and Buster's has since become a long-time favorite. Since this was really my first experience with BBQ sauce, I felt it fitting for this to be our first review!

Increasingly, through the last few years, Dave and I have enjoyed trying new BBQ restaurants and sauces from across the nation. We are constantly seeking new sauces, recipes and restaurants to try, so if you have any suggestions don't be shy! We hope you enjoy our BBQ blog and our quest to find the best BBQ!

Dave's Take:
Perfect compliment to the Busters sandwich. For over four years I considered it the best barbecue sauce on the planet.

Rating: 9.5/10.0

Val's Take:
As Dave said, this sauce goes perfectly with Buster's meat (especially the pulled pork). The flavor is sweet, smoky and mild. We generally use this sauce as a basis for comparison for new sauces we try. "Is it better than Buster's?" Not many accomplish that feat!

Buster's is very affordable restaurant for BBQ. You can get a meal for 2 for about $14.00, including a side. (Baked fries are great.) It's not fancy--a local joint in an old Pizza Hut building-- but the atmosphere is just right for BBQ place. They're also open really late (like 3 a.m. or something) so you can quelch your BBQ cravings pretty much anytime. If you want, you can take a bottle of sauce home in a standard ketchup-type bottle (seen above), but it's going to cost you! :)

Rating 9.0/10.0

Buster's BBQ and Brew
2435 S 48th Street
Lincoln, NE

$5.99 a bottle



Yeeeeeahhhhh! Let's get some Busters!


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